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Cloud Centres gives you a cost-effective way to manage multiple suppliers, ensuring robust network security using the latest technologies.



We have PoPs (Point of Presence locations) in London, Bristol, Newport and Cardiff offering multi-site, secure connectivity up to 10GB from our Wales location.

We were founding members of IX Cardiff helping to improve efficiencies across customers’ networks. Our aim is to reduce barriers to entry, lower expenditure thanks to reduced transit costs for local ISPs and increase competitiveness within customer markets. This has helped to create a digital infrastructure that supports and encourages business growth.

Cloud Centres have the capability to build Layer-2 networks across multiple carriers and VPN networks using our Network Security skills, or SD-WANS for hybrid multi-cloud environments. As a Microsoft partner, we’re also able to Integrate your applications in our Azure App Service using Azure Virtual Networks.

Networks & Communications Services

Our areas of focus

Network architectures are changing

Until quite recently organisations would host their key applications within one or more Corporate LAN’s (Local Area Networks) operating at gigabit speeds, and linking together the corporate PC’s and laptops with internal server farms. Geographically spread organisations would tie their multiple LAN’s together with WAN’s (Wide Area Networks) using VPN or MPLS technology.

Today’s network environment is much more complex. Managed and secure wireless connectivity is now a widespread requirement for mobile phones and tablets, not only for staff, but also customers and even the public.

Network speeds for LAN’s and WAN’s are also increasing, with 10G, 40G and even 100G Network architectures being commonly deployed as technology advances and costs reduce, and as one of Wales leading ISP’s we can advise on the latest developments and options.

Network devices are becoming more diverse and complex, and the IoT (Internet of Things) introduces new security risks from ever more intelligent devices such as CCTV cameras, climate control systems and even light switches with their own firmware and operating systems, updates and vulnerabilities.

Even issues such as managing Microsoft and Apple updates whilst maintaining network latency and throughput can provide a challenge as changes become more frequent and urgent.

Cloud networks require new thinking

Many key applications are no longer hosted within the LAN, with Cloud services across a variety of platforms being available. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services may now be part of your critical application infrastructure, or more specialist hosting by application providers and 3rd parties.

Network technologies such as SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) change the structure and boundaries of the organisations network, allowing more flexible and management networks to meet these new challenges. And of course, new data security and privacy requirements from GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) with significant costs of failure mean proactive management is required.

We focus on detailed planning, security, documentation and ongoing management helping you simplify operations, control costs and maintain network reliability without having to dedicate your own resources. By tapping into our technical expertise in network design, planning and management, you can free up your IT team to focus on more long-term, strategic projects.

Network Health Checks

Networks often tend to grow organically and haphazardly as they struggle with increasingly heavier workloads. And as they grow, legacy configurations often remain, which may not comply with security regulations and best practice. This can result in degraded performance and compromised security.

We perform a Network Health Check to examine the current status of the nodes in your network. This is done by looking at the nodes from three different angles:

  • Modernity
  • Accuracy
  • Security.

Cloud Centres’ Network Health Check is a multi-faceted service. We’ll start by running workshops with key stakeholders to discover your current and future needs. We’ll also install an unobtrusive network assessment appliance and provide detailed analysis of the resulting data. Our overall findings will then be compiled into an Assessment Report.

Network Security

Our network security is designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. It includes hardware and software technologies and targets a variety of threats. Network security stops these threats from entering or spreading across your network.

Network Assurance

Customer expectations are increasing while networks are becoming more complex. Issues in the core network have a knock-on effect on the whole infrastructure. Service providers are faced with the challenge of having the right tools in place to react quickly to customer problems and plan for future success.

Cloud Centres’ Network Assurance service transforms operations in data centre networks to a more proactive model. Built on our network verification technology, it is the most comprehensive assurance engine that verifies the entire network for correctness, giving operators confidence that their network is always operating consistent with intent.

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