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Cloud Centres’ hybrid multi-cloud is a cloud platform that delivers enterprise class Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), integrating with other cloud platforms in a custom deployment model. This allows you to bring your IT together into a unified and automated ecosystem.

Hybrid Multi Cloud



Experience & Expertise

With Cloud Centres’ experience and expertise you can take advantage of a proven transition and delivery model to speed up your journey to an integrated and automated IT environment.

Our hybrid multi-cloud offers unique flexibility, agility and security that enables you to realise the promise of the cloud with the security and governance needed for regulatory compliance.

By opting for Cloud Centres’ hybrid multi-cloud solution you can transition to a true cloud services delivery model, but within the framework of a flexible multi-vendor environment that can operate regardless of where IT resources are located or who they are owned or run by.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Our Service


Cloud Centres offers customers a highly flexible, cost-effective IaaS solution making it simple to control how you provision your workload.

We provide you with a choice of hybrid solutions, ensuring a seamless experience across all your clouds. Cloud Centres’ hybrid multi-cloud transformation professionals help you build the right mix of hybrid multi-cloud that is right for your business and deliver it as a service.

Cloud Centres’ hybrid multi-cloud offers organisations enhanced flexibility and extended data deployment options backed by our 24/7 x 365 support and management.

Our managed hybrid multi-cloud service mixes on-premise, private cloud and managed cloud services, all working together to provide your business with the security and control of a private cloud and the flexibility and cost savings of the public cloud. Legacy applications or localised data on your premises will also be part of the overall platform.


By moving as many elements to the public cloud, our hybrid multi-cloud delivers scalability while reducing demand on the private cloud.

Cost Efficient

Public cloud can offer great cost savings compared to a private solution. Hybrid multi-clouds will use public cloud for as many business functions as possible while keeping sensitive data and operations secure in the private cloud.


Cloud Centres’ state-of-the-art hybrid multi-cloud service is located close to Cardiff providing connectivity 24/7 x 365. Our Tier III data centre is a highly secure facility housing critical IT infrastructures. Our data centre meets the highest security standards required with ISO27001 and PCI-DSS accreditations, ensuring all the necessary compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Reasons you need our Hybrid Multi-Cloud

You’re unable to meet business demands to roll out new services quickly
Your existing cloud services are not optimised to your needs
You lack in-house cloud expertise
You need to reduce capital investments in IT
Your service delivery is matching dynamic usage patterns 
You need to guarantee a quality service

Benefits of Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Agility flexibility and scalability.
With Cloud Centres’ hybrid multi-cloud you can speed up your IT service delivery and resource allocation, which cuts lead times for deploying applications. It also helps you to act swiftly on changes through self-service and flexible scaling options.
Adaptable security.
Cloud Centres’ hybrid multi-cloud gives you multiple security options required for managing security on your terms. We match your hybrid cloud security solution to your business.
Strategic focus.
Cloud Centres’ hybrid multi-cloud relieves your IT team from daily routine duties with a wide ranging service and support portfolio and a customer-centric account team. This gives you time to spend more resources on strategic projects that add business value.
Compliance and location of data.
Our hybrid multi-cloud solution checks all auditor and regulatory requirements, even when blending dedicated and shared resources.


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