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Our own data centre is Tier III by design and located just outside Cardiff City Centre guaranteeing first rate connectivity and the highest levels of uptime.

To ensure high availability we have invested millions of pounds into our data centre and network connectivity within Wales. This gives you IT infrastructure that is monitored for accuracy and value 24/7 x 365. All backed by a first class customer service team.

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Our own data centre

IT services are critical to any organisation’s success and the availability and reliability of that IT has increased significantly in recent years.

Cloud Centres’ Tier III data centre is a highly secure facility housing critical IT infrastructures – from a single customer rack to a large private in-house facility.

Our own data centre service is dedicated to ensuring the data centre your organisation relies on supports your IT infrastructure effectively, helping you focus on core business objectives.

Regardless of how you choose to use our Tier III data centre, our highly experienced team at Cloud Centres are there to help you.

We are passionate about our exceptional data centre service – from early planning and deployment to providing operational excellence for your existing IT infrastructure.

At Cloud Centres we help you get the most out of your technology.

Data Centre

Security Solutions

Security is key for any data centre service. Cloud Centres’ comprehensive range of security options ensure your data and applications receive the protection they need to operate at optimal levels 24/7.

Our site is physically secure, manned 24 hours a day. We have built concentric layers of physical security including:

  • Dual factor authentication
  • Proximity cards
  • Biometrics
  • CCTV surveillance and unauthorised access alarms to deter intruders
  • Reinforced concrete wall cavities & steel doors
  • Access airlocks
  • Unfloodable building design
  • Security vetting for all staff

There are also full audit trails of every individuals’ movements within the data centre. Our facility meets the highest security standards required for us to maintain our ISO27001 and PCI-DSS accreditations. We ensure that any of your racks within our data centre has all the necessary compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our security assurance service includes the following:

Security Assurance

We include the following:

Network and security

We will discuss your security setup, any possible changes and present you with new security technologies if needed.


We ensure your migration to our data centre integrates your existing user logins and inbuilt identity systems, simplifying the user experience and access. 

Back up and recovery

We’ll review your current back up, disaster recovery and archiving solutions and recommend alternative technologies where necessary. Whether that is meeting your legal obligations for data retention or ensuring the integrity and availability of your services. 

Operating system management

Patching, log analytics and other management services mapped to the operating system level of your application stack and how we can manage that for you.

Ongoing support services

Cloud Centres’ team of engineers delivers a 24/7 support service tailored to your specific technology needs. Our incident and problem management service, best practice processes and technical skill offer a cost-effective solution.

Managed services

Cloud Centres’ managed services are designed to enhance our standard offering with proactive monitoring, strategic design reviews and ongoing assessments to give the best possible experience when using our data centre.

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Data Centre

Services to cover your entire lifecycle


Cloud Centres provides the most comprehensive data centre services for your business objectives combined with optimised resilience, security and scalability.

Our professionalism and experience of IT systems, and operational and regulatory requirements, means we provide a service tailored to address your business challenges and goals.


Data centre providers are evolving with multiple services. You are no longer restricted by storage capacity or hardware performance; data centres have (almost) unlimited elasticity.

This offers new opportunities including alternative ways to deliver a service or to support a new business goal. Understanding what’s available and maximising its benefit to your business is one of the key challenges.

Our optimisation services give you greater visibility of your data centre, ensuring it’s designed to provide the best balance between cost and performance. This allows us to work with you to make sure that wherever you are in your data centre modernisation, we can help.

The range of these services can be summarised as follows:


You want to have better visibility of the data centre services you currently consume. Our optimisation service will provide you with visibility and make recommendations for how you could improve them.


As part of our data centre service we can offer an optimisation bolt-on guaranteeing that the services we manage are optimised. Consequently, your business is not overcharged for delivering a great user experience.


Our support service is tailored to your specific technology needs, delivered by Cloud Centres’ engineers. Our incident and problem management systems, best practice processes and technical skill offer a cost-effective solution. With a focus on problem prevention, capacity management and business continuity, our service management team becomes your single source for 24/7 monitoring, management and support.

Data centre consultancy

At Cloud Centres we have a talented team with many years of data centre experience to advise you in every aspect of data centre management.

Data centre migrations

Whatever the reasons for your data centre migration, Cloud Centres is here to offer advice along every step of the way. In pre-planning, pre-cabling services, you can rest assured your migrations have the highest success rate possible.

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