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Network & Security

Episode #009

Ian Sherratt talks to Brian Lord – Chief Executive Officer of PGI – about the latest challenges around security for businesses and how COVID-19 has impacted this area.


Episode #008

Cloud Centres CEO Paul Webb explains how he got started with Bitcoin and how it’s become a key component of his future business strategy.

Back Up

Episode #007

In this episode, we hear commentary from Ian Sherratt, Nigel Lambert and Roger Lane on the subject of back up.

Cathy Sherratt

Episode #006

Host Andrew Chilvers speaks to Cloud Centres’ Senior Account Manager Cathy Sherratt. From working in lockdown to bringing maximum value to customers, we find out what the last 6 months has been like for Cathy and get a glimpse into the future.

Death of the EU-US Privacy Shield

Episode #005

In this episode we hear a conversation that took place between technology journalist Andrew Chilvers and our Services Director Ian Sherratt. It begins by Andrew setting the scene around a story he’s uncovered recently which has the potential to impact every business in the UK. We hope you enjoy listening to this.


Episode #004

Host Andrew Chilvers finds out more about GuestTalk, the sister company of Cloud Centres. He’s joined by Karen Foster and Ian Sherratt, who give us the insights. This podcast also inspired an article written by Ian: Why the GuestTalk app could be a panacea for the ailing hospitality industry 

The New Normal

Episode #003

In this episode, host Andrew Chilvers fires topical questions at Ian Sherratt (Services Director of Cloud Centres) and special guest Phil Davies (CEO of FlyForm). From discussing how COVID-19 has impacted businesses to predicting what the future will be like, both Ian and Phil share their unique perspectives.

Paul Webb

Episode #002

Paul Webb, Managing Director of Cloud Centres, shares his history of founding the company, how his team have coped with COVID-19 and what the future entails.

Ian Sherratt

Episode #001

Ian Sherratt, Services Director of Cloud Centres, talks to us about COVID-19, Hybrid Cloud and making businesses more digital moving forwards.

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